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FORTHCOMING: Grist, South Dakota Review, Beaver Magazine, Zooeglossia.

Two poems in Across the Margins. [online]

“Im leaving on the next train to gogo gadget town” in Red Ogre Review. [online]

“Seeds Sown Are Seeds Blighted” in Gigantic Sequins, Fall 2022. [print]

Three Poems in Olney Magazine. [online]

“On the night my uncle dies i sing a little song” in Okay Donkey. [online]

“A Brief and Reliable History of US Route 1 (Peabody through Revere Exits)” in Scrawl Place. [online]

“This Pig is Big Boy” in Radar Poetry. [online]

“one summer pirates of the caribbean came out” in Moist Poetry Journal. [online]

“Aidan and I lived in a small apartment” in South Florida Poetry Journal. [online]

“the sun warm on my legs & the rush of never having nothing to do.” and “i know we hate poems about dreams but listen” in Banshee, Summer 2022. [print]

“Poem as Casket That Floats in the Flood of Boston’s Burying Ground,” “Tender Poem for Old Love Who Hates My Guts,” and “i wanna hold my mamma when she was a baby” in Puerto del Sol, Summer 2022. [print]

“In True Green Fashion,” Gone Lawn. [online]

“Glorious” and “Pig Glorious,” No Contact Magazine. [online]

“Mythical Swine” and “Pig King Eats Bandit Bones,” Poetry Northwest Winter/Spring 2022. [print]

Poem for Paul Who Never Forgets My Birthday Even Though I Never Remember His,” New Ohio Review. [online]

I Take My First OCD Test With My Doctor Who Wants Me to Have Only the Noblest Thoughts & Urges,” Anti-Heroin Chic. [online]

OK IT’S TIME TO LISTEN UP ALYSSANDRA,” Four Way Review. [online]

Song for the Knife in My Hand,” The Hunger. [online]


THREE POEMS, Hobart. [online]